ZENITH Introduction

We specialize in Gift Box production, and we are among the world leaders in this field! Here you will find a portfolio of great projects we have worked on.We offer both complete Gift Box production services as well as manufacturing individual components according to your most specific needs.While Gift Box production is our main focus, we also provide a number of other services, from creating custom pieces to comprehensive fulfilment of your project.

Worldwide offices

With the expansion of ZIH’s offer to clients worldwide and the growing popularity of our services among publishers from all parts of the world, we started opening sales offices in new places, including Germany (2018) and the USA (2020), to be closer to our partners and enable direct personal contact.

ZIH Service

Boasting vast experience in the manufacturing industry, we are among world leaders in the field, trusted by numerous publishers and developers. Learn the story of our success and have a look at how we work!

We have worked with ZIH on several projects and know we can depend on them for quality production at competitive rates. Their team is quick to respond to inquires and deliver on schedule.